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Aspyrian Therapeutics, Inc. is a Clinical Stage Biotechnology Company Developing Precision Targeted Approaches to Treat Cancer


Aspyrian Therapeutics, Inc., is a privately funded clinical stage biotechnology company developing a new class of precision targeted oncologic drugs for the treatment of solid tumors based on a Photoimmunotherapy platform.

The Company's first product, RM-1929, is in clinical phase 1/2 testing to treat recurrent Head and Neck Cancer patients. For information about the trial and for enrollment considerations please contact Dr. Biel at or visit the information at

Aspyrian Therapeutics Inc., has secured the exclusive license to develop treatments based on the Photoimmunotherapy platform.

Aspyrian Therapeutics Inc, holds the exclusive license of the Photoimmunotherapy from the National Cancer Institute (NCI, USA). This technology utilizes cancer-targeting antibodies conjugated to a photoactivatable molecule. These conjugates are laser-activated at the tumor site to induce rapid, effective, and specific cancer cell destruction.